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This 10-week program of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is conducted under the auspices of Dr Antonina Mikocka-Walus, Psychologist and Drs Jane Andrews and Peter Bampton, Gastroenterologists. The program has been tested with IBD patients in South Australia and has been found to improve quality of life in people who experience problems with their IBD management. The program is focused on improving coping with IBD but also overall wellbeing. Each week there is a set of actvities to complete but they do not have to be done on one day and can be spread throughout the week. You may also like to practice activities from previous weeks while learning new skills. We hope you enjoy the activities we have prepared for you and look forward to your feedback.


How did this program come about?


The program has been adapted from a pre-existing group program format which has been developed and presented by Melissa Bond, Psychologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The development and presentation of the online program has been carried out by Warwick Lloyd in his role as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia.


Much of the practical work involved in the research component of this program has been carried out

by the gastroenterology nurses, Ms Sally Knuckey, Ms Julie Hughes and Ms Kerry Kristály and research assistants, Ms Heidi Long, Ms Amelia Pilichiewicz and Ms Laura Edney. 


And much thanks goes to Mr Shane McCarthy, Technical Officer at the University of South Australia, for his filming and post-production of the interviews.


Development and testing of the program was done thanks to research funding from: Crohn’s & Colitis Australia, Abbott Australia, MSD Australia and Janssen. 

The program was tested in South Australia by Dr Mikocka-Walus, Prof. Andrews and Prof. Bampton and in New Zealand by Dr Andrew McCombie.


Dr. Antonina Mikocka-Walus
MA (Psych), PhD.


Dr Antonina Mikocka-Walus is a gastro-psychologist and health scientist specialising in research on mental health and psychotherapy in IBD. She currently works as a Professor of Health Psychology at Deakin University.  


Prof. Jane Andrews


Professor  Jane M. Andrews leads the IBD Service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and holds a Professor's position in Medicine at the University of Adelaide. Jane is an experienced gastroenterologist and health scientist. She has a keen interest in improving the model of care for IBD patients, in studies on mental health, quality of life, sexuality and pregnancy in IBD.

Dr. Peter Bampton


Dr Peter Bampton is an experienced gastroenterologist and scientist who heads Luminal Gastroenterology Unit at Flinders Medical Centre. Peter has many years of experience treating IBD and supporting IBD patients. He has a strong interest in improving quality of life and psychological wellbeing of IBD patients.

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